Overground mag issue no.2
Underground culture, design, music and lifestyle.

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Ied Torino | Hannibal Store | Undesign
Issue no.2
May 2017

Copyright: Undesign
Type: Alfa Type
Print: Arti Grafiche Parini
Ph: Nicolò Pujia

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Special contents of this issue:
Carlo Brandelli
Interview with Lo Siento studio
Visionar Agency
Fabio Tonetto
Operae 2016
Club to Club, Sergio Ricciardone
Alberto Parini
Painè Cuadrelli
Shooting by Ivan Cazzola
Shooting by Virginia Di Mauro
Dino Ignani by Achille Filipponi
Mari Le Bones
Sophie-Anne Herin

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Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles